Friday, October 30, 2009

BCA Pink French Mani

As you might have noticed, prior to today, my background on my blog has been pink. I was going pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I was going to do a bunch of pink mani's during the month, but work got kinda busy and my bf was sick and my dog broke her toenail and was bleeding. A whole big mess!

But I managed to get one mani in!

This is Essie Glamour as a base (4 coats) and ChG Pure Elegance (tips). I received Glamour way back when Glamour Magazine was giving away this exclusive polish for their magazine. I finally got around to trying it out. It is a great base for french manis! And even by itself. I wore it for a couple days before I 'tipped' it.

Thanks for looking!

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