Friday, October 30, 2009

Massini Fall Promos

I picked up these Massini polishes last week from Meijer and made a great mani out of them. They only say 'Fall Promo' on the side with no color names.

I was really excited about the glitter one, but I *forgot* that I don't like gold. I was more excited about the purple in the bottle, I think. But the holo one has to be a dupe of CC Wild at Heart. As Mary explains here 'Forsythe is the manufacturer of both of these brand lines.'

Anyways this is what I used to create the 2 following manis.

luminelle is from yves rocher (which they don't have listed any more) and I don't remember the color name

close up of the sparkles

3 coats luminelle 2 coats of the sparkle one

sorry for the dark pics, it was at night

I removed this pretty quickly b/c it just wouldn't dry, probably from all of the layers

So I did a french mani with 2 coats luminelle, the holo for tips and 2 coats of the sparkle one on half of the nail

then I managed to get Bella's one from foot while she was sleeping :)

I is sneaky

This was right before she broke her toenail.

full sun

I managed to snap a quick pic of my tree out from our house. Isn't it beautiful? Good thing I got it b/c the next day 1/2 of the leaves had fallen off!
Thanks for looking!

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