Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Recent 'halloween' haul & NOTD

I managed to pick up the following four at one trip to a CVS down the street. How lucky was that?

Milani Enchantment, Fairy Tale, Spellbinding, and WnW Fantasy Makers Black Magic

This was my first Lippman that I bought and it was on clearance at Bath & Body Works! Fade to Black covered in one coat!

Then 2 coats of WnW Black Magic

I loved this mani! I think I should have painted BM from left to right as well as normally. Then I would have gotten more different 'confetti' style.
I think that BM is an almost dupe to Jesse's Girl Confetti. It might have more blues and purples. But I really like this one and it was easy to find and cheap! $1.99, I think.
I actually wore Fairy Tale the other day and I thought I took pics, but I didn't. I think I like it more than Illamasqua Phallic. It covered in 2 coats and it lasted about 5 days!
Thanks for looking


Evil Angel said...

Very pretty! I love the string glitters!

contests and such said...

Thanks! I am really starting to get into these vampy colors :)