Monday, August 23, 2010

The 2 last Mood Struck Polishes

Here are the last 2 Mood Struck Polishes I picked up at Meijer. And if you don't have a Meijer nearby you can buy a couple of these polishes here.

The first is a silver to pink color. I thought that this would be a pink version of this one, but the base color ended up being nothing like the bottle color! It's a silver shimmer with glitter. Here are pics w/o topcoat. I took a lot because this is a really pretty color!

This is my new cocktail ring that I got through Etsy here. But it turns my finger green :(  I tried the clear nail polish trick, but it just chips off.
Cold water
Here's the light orange to darker orange one:

Sorry about the middle finger. This dries kinda like those new vinyl Orlys.
I wanted to show this with topcoat as well, but below is the second day after applying topcoat and it chipped like crazy! 
The only different thing I used was a really old bottle of OPI Chip Skip (like 10 years old!)

A lot of the polish cracked on my nails and flaked off.
These polishes aren't the best for wear so I'm not so sure it was the Chip Skip.

The silver/pink one chipped after 3 days with topcoat.

Thanks for looking!


nihrida said...

I love these mood polishes (I have the ones by Claire's), but they chip sooooo fast. Too bad. They're really a lot of fun.

contests and such said...

Hi nihrida! Yes, the do chip fast, which really does suck. I wonder how they would be if they were used in a franken as far as the chipping and if they would still change color.